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Who Are We?

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Located in beautiful sunny southern California, we are a husband and wife team who initially began our business venture focusing primarily on the baby industry in early 2014. We currently operate our shop via online. This online format provides a way for us to connect with people all over the world, whom we normally wouldn’t have had a chance to meet in our routine everyday lives. 

As time evolved, we evolved. We grew a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and with our fans and slowly expanded a variety of things we love into our shop. You will mainly find products that are super cute, high quality, and highly functional. 

We are just more than a specialty retail shop, we pride ourselves in the community we've built. We find joy with interacting and learning more about the very same people who help shape our company to what it is today. 

We are truly invested in our business and will ensure that each and every one of you receive the proper care and attention that you deserve. For any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to message us at cs@blashful.com where we will respond to your inquiry ASAP.

Thank you again for your support in small businesses like us <3

P.S. We're a bit camera shy and don't post too many photos of ourselves on our social media pages, however here is a picture of us from our wedding engagement shoot in Lego form. ^__^

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