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Ju-Ju-Be - Sketch - Grab and Go (Restock)

  • Ju-Ju-Be - Sketch - Grab and Go (Restock)
  • Ju-Ju-Be - Sketch - Grab and Go (Restock)

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The Grab and Go is the no-fuss style perfect for light packers and quick trips. This quick-cinch drawstring backpack is made with a super-durable polyester fabric, offering an unprecedented breathability perfect for warm days. Thoughtful mesh pockets hold drinks to keep you cool, and the zippered Tech Pocket means additional security for wallets and phones. Nab your Grab and Go and head to the beach, the playground, or anywhere you need to be lightweight, cute & carefree!

  • Pockets – Zippered tech pocket; 2 exterior mesh pockets
  • Fabrics – Light-colored lining
  • Straps – Oversized pliable woven cord
  • Hardware – Metal hardware
  • Extras – Machine washable; Limited lifetime warranty